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The Natural Health, Beauty & Lifestyle Shop

Absolute Herbs, Healthy Living offers you the highest quality  herbal remedies and other natural products.  All our products are 100% natural and have been formulated by a qualified herbalist.  We have, and are continuously studying the  natural healing properties of medicinal herbs, flowers, plant oils and essential oils to develop and expand this unique range of natural products.

We use modern extraction processes in line with timeless ancient wisdom to insure the remarkable benefits of the plants remain intact. We use the highest quality whole herbs and extract the therapeutic properties with great care to make sure that all phytochemicals are available as intended by nature.

  • HEALTH – Natural herbal tinctures made from concentrated herbs extracts.
  • BEAUTY – Natural creams & sprays for beauty
  • PERFUMERY – Natural mood enhancing perfumes & other fragrances made from 100% pure essential oils
  • ANIMAL REMEDIES – Natural Animal remedies formulated for pets and other animals.

*Over the years, I’ve personally seen and experienced the benefits of these high quality natural products and am delighted to share them with others. Herbs offer an effective approach to improving well-being and quality of life without any side effects. Absolute herbs remain a small business that takes time to listen to our valued customers and to offer herbal information to empower you to take an active role in your health. “

Jaco Weihmann – The Herbalist

  • Herbalist / Naturopath

The path of the herbalist is to open ourselves to nature in an innocent and pure way. She in turn will open her bounty and reward us with many valuable secrets. May the earth bless you.  Jaco Weihmann is a qualified herbalist & naturopath. He uses medicinal herbs to extract and formulate natural remedies according to your unique requirements. He follows a holistic approach to reach health and wellness of  Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Energy Balancing & Healing

The cells in your body emits and receives energy. Disease, discomfort and weaknesses in your body reflects in your energy field. Your thoughts, emotions, believes, perception and actions have a great influence on these energies and are in return influenced by these energies. By re-aligning these energies, you experience a positive state of mind, less stress and better health.

  • Holistic Counselling

With holistic counselling, the focus is not to change ourselves. It is to make friends with who we already are. It goes beyond the limitations of the conditioned personality and opens you to a sense of self-acknowledgement which is deeper, broader and more unified.

  • Massage Therapy

We offer Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage & Body Work

  • Transpersonal Coaching

– Lets experience humanities highest potential and recognize that we are far more than our everyday selves. Transpersonal Coaching bridges conventional training and spiritual experience. It includes heightened awareness, perceptual shifting, personal growth, self understanding, mindfulness, creative thinking, understanding the inner critic (superego), expansion beyond ego boundaries and cultivating self-awareness. Transpersonal coaching focus on the specific needs of each person. It relates to work, health, relationships, finance or any other area that connect you to your highest potential.

  • Relaxation & Stillness – Stress Management

Stress is the major cause of depression and other health problems. It suppresses the immune system and the health of all major organs in the body. It also shuts down blood flow to the ne0-cortex and creative mind. The reptilian brain takes over, which is programmed for survival – fight or flight. Stress management through relaxation and stillness instantly clear Body, Mind & Spirit of life’s stresses. It allows the body to heal and encourages overall wellness.

  • Healing with Horses

Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to the people who need it. They help us to learn how to trust, believe and love. It is an inspiring space for children where they are embraced and empowered to realize their full potential through therapeutic interactions with horses.


  • Natural Health & Holism Talks – Free talks once a week
  • How to Make Herbal Medicine  – Basic, intermediate & Advance
  • You are Amazing! 1 day to 7 day workshop
    • Discover how amazing you are
    • You can heal yourself
    • Anatomy of Consciousness
    • Master the 7 Areas of life experience
    • Genetic Re-Programming
    • Self-Empowerment, Personal Growth & Self Discovery
    • Pursuing your power – Flow with the natural laws
    • Claiming your Power