Transpersonal Life Coaching

About Transpersonal Life Coaching

The focus is not to change ourselves. It is to make friends with who we already are in all dimensions of our being


 Let’s realise and experience humanity’s highest potential, and recognises that we are far more than our everyday selves


You cannot learn about your truth. Your personal truth can only be experienced by you. Only then you can integrate it into your world 

What Is Transpersonal Life Coaching?

– To go beyond the personality mask –

Transpersonal means beyond the limitations of the conditioned personality.  It is a sense of self-acknowledgement which is deeper, broader, and more unified.

The personality is the vehicle which makes it possible for the soul or spirit to navigate through the world. The proper role of the personality is being a clear window and doorway to the divinity within each of us

Transpersonal coaching bridges conventional training and spiritual experience. It includes heightened awareness, perceptual shifting, personal growth, self understanding, mindfulness, creative thinking, understanding the inner critic (superego), expansion beyond ego boundaries, and cultivating self-awareness.

It is a journey where you explore your own beliefs and ultimately your own truth –

If something excites you it definitely is a sign that you can practise it –

Be a co-creator of your life and develop a vision that inspires and excites you. Bring your vision in existence by using a practical, conscious and intuitive path.

Transpersonal Life coaching focus on the specific needs of each person. It relates to work, health, relationships, finances or any other area that connect you to your highest potential.   

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Jaco Weihmann

Jaco Weihmann

Jaco Weihmann

The herbalist and holistic health practitioner