Since the beginning of time, many people from around the world have pursued an instinctive longing of understanding the meaning of life. We want to make sense of what we see around us. We want to know where our place in the universe is, and most of all; we want to understand ourselves on all levels of existence.

The search for understanding took us through the world we can perceive with the normal senses, to the immense world of the universe and the minute world of quantum physics. It took us through our psyche, emotions, thoughts, the hidden needs of the subconscious and the always-illusive unconscious.

Today is the age of immense streams of information available from all fields explaining life and its role. The great interplay between mathematics, science, physics, astronomy, astrology psychology; medicine, biology, philosophy and mysticism are some of the fields that give us the understanding of the world we know today. It gives us new insights of ourselves as human beings and set the foundation from where we can further discover the depth of our own awareness.

We went beyond the world of personality and the invisible world of emotions and thought. We saw how they influence us and than disappear in the subtle worlds of the inner self beyond consciousness from where they control our behavior. Medicine, the human body and biology took us to a world of organs, life fluids, cells and DNA. We have discovered the wonders of nature knowing of an infinite world yet to be discovered. Through astronomy our search took us to the heavenly bodies, the universe and it countless galaxies. Astrology indicates to us how these heavenly bodies influence our behavior. Through physics our search took us from the enormous world out there to the very small quantum world where matter dances with energy. Mathematics is woven through all these fields to give proof as expected from science. Philosophers reason about the endless possibilities, while mystics express their impression of the realms still deeply hidden somewhere in the unknown of our subconscious.

Great names brought to us their impression of how each of us, as well as the world around us function. So many times mainstream theories that scientists have disproved later, brought widespread change around the world in the way of our development. It is not that any of us are wrong, but each person before us laid the foundation from where we can continue our journey. We learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. From here we can broaden our awareness to lay a new foundation for the generations yet to come.

The feature knowledge lays dormant in the eternal now. Ready to be used, it is here, it always was…

We have searched the enormous universe, left in marvel for its infinity. We have studied the world around us to its smallest detail, from cells to a quantum world that fades slowly into eternity.  We have observed the depth of the personality, to discover it’s countless faces.  We have discovered infinite possibilities of mind and matter, most by reason and proof.

To understand, we have taken the world out there apart in many ways – Stars, galaxies, cells, atoms, quarks, energy and brainwaves; from gigantic to microscopic, to the outer reflection of the true inner world.

Now it is for us to fuse it all back in oneness again. Have we forgotten what life really is? A feeling for us to experience… Life cannot be broken down and seen as a whole at once.

Our Intent is first to divide or take apart and learn, but to understand, all must be put back together, fuse as one again. If this is not done, we may forget how the whole appears, and try to create our own realities – the creation of our mask personalities.

Though the rational mind helped us to discover the endless possibilities of the world out there, it still becomes our greatest stumble block to understanding. We only experience a reflection of life through the rational mind. The habits, the routine, the world out there, friends, family and work… All influence life as a reflection of life.

As infinite as each possibility in the world out there may seem, so infinite is the beings we are. It may seem larger than the universe, or it may seem smaller than the infinity of smallness described in quantum physics.

Refine your senses, your inner subtle abilities, and the instruments to help you, master them all, devote your time to do so and expand your awareness of consciousness.


Before we start the journey on self-understanding, we’ll have a brief look at a world of living energies and its different forms. This is not about what is out there, but an important interplay of different conscious energy patterns of which we play an essential role. It contains our bodies, emotions and thoughts, as well as our intentions, values, willpower, intuition, awareness, beliefs, imagination and so much more. It contains parts of us that cannot be explained with rational words, yet it is part of who we are and add to the knowing of our wholeness.

Most of us do not know how these areas within us really look, or precisely where they’re from; yet we can see their power as expressions in the physical world.

Our inner landscape and energy is very alike and can be compared in many ways. Energy is powerful, mysterious and is expressed in different forms. Even with our knowledge to use energy as a power source such as electricity, we still cannot create or destroy it. We only know how to use energy in different ways.

Many forms of energy are experienced in and around us. Physical energy gives us drive for activities like walking, running, building and working. Mental energy gives us the power of clear thinking, while emotional energy gives us the sensation of joy. The subtler energies from within give us guidance on our journey and the ability to create our own vitality and power. All these energies surround us at the same time in the same space.

From ancient times it was known and taught that everything in the world we know are patterns of energy radiating from its source. This contains our souls and everything that is perceived in the world of the head, which include our bodies, our emotions and our thoughts.

What we distinguish as physical form, feelings & thoughts could be seen as a dance of conscious energy patterns fixed in time and space as the world of matter & life experience.

Our inner landscape is a source of enormous power. Use it wise. Just as electricity, it can give us light if we use it correctly. If we use it with disrespect, it could give us a powerful shock. If we don’t know of it, we will be surrounded by darkness.

Matter is energy – Our great scientists and physicists of modern time have rediscovered this ancient knowledge. E = mc2. This famous formula suggests that even the tiniest particles of matter are composed of a tremendous amount of concentrated energy. If we break our bodies down in small units, we would find it is composed of millions of cells. If we break these further down, we would find molecules, then atoms, and eventually we would end up with the smallest of units, the subatomic particles, all of which are vibrating patterns of energy. These vibrating patterns of energy shape the blueprint for all subatomic particles, DNA structures and cells.

Cells are the basic building blocks in physical forms of human, animal and plant expressions.  Everything that happens in our bodies occurs as a result of the organized and coordinated activities of these cells. The balance of all cells ultimately depends on the synchronized energetic vibrations of the subatomic particles that are found in each of them.

Together, cells form organs, tissues and various systems, which make up our bodies.  Zillions of activities take place in a fraction of a second. It would be impossible to control it all with the awareness of our intellectual world. These activities are organized and coordinated through the nervous system by a type of universal intelligence that is part of our instinctive heritage.

In the same way as matter, our thoughts and emotions also consists of energy patterns. These energies are less “dense”, or subtler of nature, for they could not be picked up by our normal senses. This does not leave them with less power, for in the world of conscious energy; power is measured by different means.

The subtler energies of thoughts and emotions are experienced in their own unique way. Emotions are “felt” as energetic sensations and could be experienced in different parts of the body. Thoughts are composed of even finer energy patterns and are sensed as a structured energetic “buzzing” that is organized in a logical sequence of rational data. All these different energies occupy the same time and space in our energy fields and therefore influence one another tremendously.

From the view of the physical reality, emotions and thoughts from the past might seem forgotten or well hidden in the subconscious mind, yet they still influence and control our conscious behavior.



Physicists have discovered that the basic energy patterns of a subatomic particle in a cell cannot be studied under controlled conditions. An experiment on these energies by one person may always obtain the same result, but as soon as a different individual performs the test, the result varies. The reason for this is that the intention of the observer influences the energetic patterns in particles, which in turn influence the result of the experiment.  This means, on a very subtle level, the conscious energy patterns that regulate and shape the basic building blocks within each of our cells are influenced by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions.  It can either have a nourishing effect on the body, or it can have a depleting effect on the body, depending on their quality.

Quantum physics describes the behavior of very small objects – the size of atoms and smaller. It gives us an understanding of energy. According to quantum physics, nothing is real and we cannot say anything about what things are when we are not looking at them. Events are governed by probabilities.

From the time of Newton, light has been described in terms of particles. He described light as a stream of tiny particles, called corpuscles. Light was later described as waves moving across a service or a lake. This has caused a lot of confusion, for a wave is energetic of nature with no structure that contains any form as particles. A particle has structure and a straight motion, therefore it could not be seen as a wave. In the beginning it has caused a lot of confusion, yet it was through this mystery that most physicists has came to the realization that light can now be seen as both waves and particles. It all depends on the intent of the observer.

When we expand our awareness within the higher dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness, we realize that we observe and create at the same time. Whenever we see energy patterns our intentions, beliefs and perceptual awareness influence the patterns we focus on, for we are these patterns. We create through our perceptions. When we change our perceptions, we change the world around us, for each one of us is the center of the universe. Each one of us is a reflection of the one great Universal Essence.

Another wondrous ideas the invisible world of quantum physics leads us to is the way conscious energy becomes matter, and matter eventually, very subtly become waves of energy, reflecting back as matter… This means mass equals energy. Matter is just a frozen, or slowed down form of energy.


In experienced time, all measurements involving space and time lose their meaning. Both time and space become just tools we use to describe events in the physical world. We can see this in our own lives. Time is relative when we have a traumatic experience. Time will be experienced much slower than the sequential time on a clock. When we are involved with a boring task that we don’t like, time will also be experienced slower, but when we are involved with something we enjoy, time is experienced much faster.

This means that the way we experience time cannot be measured by a clock or linear time. Our experiences exist outside this time. We can also see it if we meet a friend that we haven’t seen for many years. It is if we have just seen him or her yesterday. In regressional therapy childhood events are experienced as if they are happening in the present. Our memory also stores events in a different order than that of sequential time.

Everything in existence is connected in a way beyond space and time. Anything that happens to one particle will affect the most similar particles and continue in a ripple affect to all other particles. It happens instantaneously and no time is needed. It also means that there are events happening faster than the speed of light, even though it was previously thought as impossible. This also indicates that our thoughts, feelings, words and actions have an immediate affect on all of existence.

We live in a world of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. This gives us the sequential world we see. If it were in any way different, nothing would exist the way we know it now. Just as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom give us water, these dimensions give us the world we perceive.

Just as any other order of atoms will create substance totally different than water, any o

ther frequencies of conscious energy patterns will create a world totally different from the world we know. Our physical senses, our actions, our thoughts and our emotions form part of the sequential mind. No faculty of the sequential mind can go beyond the limited world we live in…


In ancient times, it was also known that all energy originates from the Source of consciousness, and therefore all energy is conscious. Each energy pattern, or energy unit within this pattern is conscious, whether it is a subatomic particle, a particle, a cell, an organ or a complete physical body.

Every event that has ever happened to us still exists within us in the form of conscious energy patterns. Every unit of energy, such as an organ is in contact with the collective consciousness of the larger energy pattern, as well as the Universal Field of Consciousness from where all energy originates.

All cells are surrounded by a pure consciousness that radiates from the ultimate source of true wisdom. Although all cells are surrounded by this higher consciousness, they are also influenced by the combined interactions of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

The interconnectedness of all things exists in all dimensions of consciousness. All planes are interconnected to one another and within each plane everything is also interconnected. This interconnectedness becomes even stronger as we expand our awareness of consciousness. The higher dimensions propel us much easier to the dimensions where everything becomes part of a great wholeness.

We are in one with this wholeness. We can enter a holistic state of being, become the whole and tap into all the creative power of the Universal Field of Consciousness.   Higher consciousness equals higher frequencies, and the highest frequencies are one with the universe.

If we look at how the natural flow of energy operates, we’ll realize that there is more power unseen than seen. An immeasurable huge amount of energy is concentrated within all substance, no matter in what form or size it is. It could be a piece of skin, a twig, a jacket or a piece of carpet. More energy is encapsulated in every drop of fresh spring water than an average sized power station is presently able to produce.  Yet we do not know how to unlock these energies in a creative way.

The only attempts to release this huge potential of energy is through atomic fission. This is done through the destruction of the natural, resonant systems (atoms), and has only created a lethal and sad remembrance for feature generations in the form of the destructive power of an atom bomb.

We rely too much on the outward appearance of things. Whatever we perceive we believe to be the totality. We mistake effect for cause. Everything we see is a secondary effect. The primary cause we do not notice, for it is energetic of nature.

All we know of energy is the ways it manifest itself. We can see energy is involved in electricity and engines combusting petrol. We can also see that energy is involve in the growing of plants, movements, our thought patterns, the formation of clouds, the flow of water and in thunder and lightening. But this is not the essence of energy. What is this transcendent process that always seems intimately connected with all motion? The same conscious energy patterns that is involved in all this flows through our awareness where we shape it to create what we experience.

Could it be that what is called energy by the scientist and spirit by the spiritualist are essentially the same?

Since we cannot see energy, but only see its outward manifestation, it is obvious that its origin lays in a reality beyond the senses.  It is more linked to a divine intelligence, with the desire to create, to try any possible way of gaining new experiences.

There are the energies we know, and then there are extremely high energies that scientists have measured and are aware of, but defy all scientific quantifications and measurements. The most sophisticated scientific instruments can only vaguely detect these conscious energy patterns. Beyond, within and around these energies are even more subtle conscious energy patterns with unlimited potential and self-creating abilities that reside beyond any resent knowing.

The things we do not understand, or does not fit our frame of reference are conveniently ignored. Within the physical universe is no room for intuition, clairvoyants or telepathy. Our linear thinking does not recognize this, but yet it happens. All of us can sense the tension in the atmosphere when we enter a room full of stressed out people. We have experience the sadness in a group as an almost tangible presence in the atmosphere. We talk about the different vibes of people, yet we are mesmerized by the physical experience and what we pick up through our physical senses.

We cannot rely on what we see in the physical, emotional or intellectual worlds alone. We have to center our awareness on the worlds within and beyond the spatial mind to discover the holistic view of all that is. By making it part of life, the insight will be gained that is needed to understand the fundamental meaning of energy.

In the past, things that cannot be calculated are not seen as real, this is not the case any more. We will be fools to wait for mathematical proof before we believe in it. We will be forced by our own restricted perceptions to a limited world of the rational mind, while the terrain of the spatial and universal mind will stay the unknown, for we assume that it is the unknowable due to the limitations of our own created technology. How can we ever limit our perception to the tools build by us if we possess of infinite information, possibilities and inner faculties through which we can reach anything we want?

We have to realize that the energies, or “forces” we know of are the manifestations of realities we know nothing about, but which the ancients understood and worshiped. We should take more account of the higher metaphysical realms, for we are not yet aware of the fourth, the fifth and higher dimensions within the Universal Field of Consciousness.

The highest and most powerful human experience of energy in the physical world is happiness and love. It is the gateway to the higher and more complex conscious energy patterns from the world of spirit. If this is raised to even higher octaves, frequency or dimensions, we will begin to perceive the outlines of what energy actually may be, namely the joyous outpouring of divine light images, unconditional love and the infinite power it animates for the purpose of all existence.


We have come a long way since from when we have seen ourselves as solid objects. The idea of a universe made up of solid objects and our belief that we are solid objects was held for many centuries.

Through the ages we have evolved in many ways. We have discovered new phenomena and we have developed a deeper understanding of our inner psyche. Our intellect found new ways to communicate. It gave us new tools, terms, words and symbols to improve the world around us and discover new technologies.

The most important aspect of this is that we can use our intellectual growth to gain a better understanding of the spiritual beings we are. This does not mean that we should change the way we see God, but that we should gain a deeper experience of spirituality and our relation with the power of our Creator. We have not evolved for the purpose of physical growth and a better understanding of the physical world alone. We have to expand our consciousness and evolve as spiritual beings to gain a deeper experience and a better understanding of spirituality.

We now look at ourselves as holistic being surrounded by fields of conscious energy patterns in a universal field of consciousness. We realize that all things are interconnected, corresponding to a holographic experience of reality.

In a holographic universe, all dimensions contain the whole. This can be seen in an experiment where a three-dimensional holographic image animates from a photographic plate with the use of a laser beam.

If you take the holographic plate and cut it in half, the image that is projected from it will not be limited to just half a picture, but contain a picture of the whole image. If the plate is cut in even smaller pieces, the holographic image that is projected from it will still contain a picture of the whole. Every time the plate is further divided, the picture appears hazier, till it becomes almost invisible. Even then it will contain the original holographic image of the whole picture.

In the same way as each part of the photographic plate contains the whole image of the holographic picture; all the dimensions within the universal field of consciousness contain the whole. The lower the frequencies of the field, the hazier the picture of the whole will be. If we focus our attention on the lower dimensions, we will attract all the fields of the same quality vibrations as the dimension we focus on. We will experience a smaller version of the whole. By believing this is all there is we separate ourselves from the whole. This happens as a result of our resistance and separation of the Universal essence, or Divine Source of all creation.

The Universal Field of Consciousness is a dynamic web of inseparable organic energy patterns. These conscious energy patterns form the wholeness of which the observer always is the center. The observer is not separate from the whole, but is the whole. This means that we are the observers, as well as the creators of what we see.

In the Universal Field of Consciousness, every energy pattern is an exact replica of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the entire map of consciousness. The DNA of our cells also reflects this. Each cell contains the blueprint of itself, the other cells and the body as a whole. In the same way, each fraction of human consciousness contains the whole of the Universal Field of Consciousness and its Essence.

It does not matter on what level of development we are. It does not matter on what level of development any being is, we all contain the exact replica of the whole. We can expand our awareness of consciousness to the totality of existence and experience the power it holds.

In the same way as the universe, the physical body and its brain’s deeper structure are also holographic. Information through the senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste & smell is sent in a holographic manner through the whole body and all its systems.


The Universe is filled with condition in space, which has the potential to produce an experience of force, form or power. This is known as fields. A field is formed where the interactions between different energy particles creates a disturbance of the energy patterns in the space between it. This creates fields through which each particle has a unique experience of the differences that exists between all of them. The universe is filled with conditions of potential energy, which create conscious energy patterns that interact with each other.

This gives us a better understanding of our abilities to affect each other at a distance through means other than speech and sight, or the feeling mothers get when a child is in trouble, no matter where they are. Conscious energy fields also explain the way we sense another presence in the room before seeing or hearing the person; or the way we speak about good or bad vibes, the way we immediately know whether or not we will get along with, or clash with a person. All this indicates to field interactions and the possibility that we are composed of fields.

Differences in nature are needed for growth, life and evolution to take place. The differences in us create fields, which create new experiences and possibilities for further development. Through these differences we experience all sides of existence and the opportunity to expand our awareness of consciousness.

The Universal Field of Consciousness contains frequencies that do not have to be transmitted; they are everywhere simultaneously. This allows us to go back in time and see the cause of a problem in other dimensions. Nothing in the Universal Field of Consciousness stands separate from the whole. Each dimension, or piece of dimension contains the whole.

Keep in mind that the descriptions like dimensions; conscious energy bodies and different layers are only used to give us a better understanding of the one great whole. It does exist but as one greatness.

Universal Consciousness exists outside linear time and space and is therefore not easy to recognize. This is why only guidance can be given. To know your divine Self, you have to experience it through yourself. The Universal Field of Consciousness contains all time and has its own sequence. Holism cannot be experienced through linear thinking, for it separates everything. It can be experienced through meditation or even by witnessing a sunset. These experiences are very powerful and can propel us to a universal awareness where we are in one with existence.

Center your awareness on the world you know. This is the physical world of your body, your actions, your emotions and your thoughts. Be aware of the effect of each thought, action and emotion on the world of energies.

Now center your awareness on the qualities of the heart. This symbolizes the gateway to all our power, as well as our Essences. The conscious energy patterns from the heart resemble the frequencies of unconditional love, forgiveness and the knowing that we all are one and the same.

Every thought, emotion, word or action with a lower quality than this keeps us limited to the brain world in our heads. Beyond the heart is the world of spirit. It includes our Essences, as well as our connectedness to the divine will of God.

Become aware of the pure consciousness that surrounds each organ and cell, as well as the tiniest subatomic vibration of energy. This is the world of consciousness, the energetic dance of conscious energy patterns that create worlds within worlds.

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